7 Plant-Based Protein Breakfast Ideas for a Healthy Start to Your Day

Contributed By Kate Harveston, Health & Lifestyle Reporter

You probably already know how important a breakfast high in protein is, whether you are a vegetarian or omnivore. You can give yourself the energy you need to get through your lunch by starting your morning with protein. You won’t feel hungry for hours, or even minutes after eating your first meal. Protein makes us feel fuller for longer, too.

Fibre is also a good addition to your morning meal as it helps with digestion. Vegetables contain a lot of fibre and pair well with many of the best morning protein options. Here are seven ideas for veggie protein breakfasts.

1. Tofu Scramble Wraps

Tofu is made from soymilk and has many health benefits. It’s also packed with protein. Tofu, for example, contains all the amino acids that help with everything from mental stability to protein synthesis.

Start your day by making a scrambled tofu with turmeric, garlic, nutritional yeast or cheese, if you are vegan. You can add your favorite leafy greens and onions to the wraps. You can freeze the sandwiches to have a quick breakfast.

2. Sweet Potato Protein Cookies

Breakfasts that are high in protein do not have to be bland. Sweet potato cookies are a great way to prove this point. They also give you a reason to have cookies for breakfast. You can also get more protein in each cookie depending on its size. Eight cookies with a larger size will contain eight grams of protein each. A dozen smaller cookies will only have six grams.

You can add the nut butter you prefer to the mashed sweet potato base. These breakfast cookies have a good amount of protein from the chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. Maple syrup and dried cranberries are also added.

3. Quinoa, Egg & Veggie Breakfast Bowl

This recipe’s success depends on your ability make a fluffy batch quinoa. It’s actually easier than it appears — it cooks the same as rice. Rinse your quinoa first before cooking, because it has a natural coating, called “saponin”, that can cause it to taste soapy. Although quinoa in a box is usually pre-washed and ready to eat, a second rinse will not hurt.

On top of your perfectly cooked quinoa base, add stir-fried vegetables — bell peppers and mushrooms — along with two eggs. If you want to spice up your breakfast, add some sriracha.

4. Green Protein Power Breakfast Smoothie

Smoothies are a good way to sneak in some morning vegetables. Fruity flavors can hide the presence of greens like spinach or swiss-chard. You’ll know they’re in there by their colour.

This smoothie contains enough spinach to cover it up, but also bananas and mangos. The hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds and protein powder in this recipe will give you a good amount of protein. If you want more, the creators have included an extra scoop of the protein powder.

5. Vegetable white bean hash

What’s an easy way to include vegetables in your breakfast? Grab leftovers from last night, heat them up and turn them into a savoury hasch. You may want to add eggs, tofu, or other protein-rich options to your veggie creation to get the energy you need. This one has white beans baked into it, so it becomes a balanced dish as soon as the meal is finished on the stovetop.

You can also make a vegetable hash using fresh ingredients. This recipe pairs sweet potatoes, leeks and kale with bell peppers that are full of flavour. The recipe is tied together with minced garlic and rosemary.

6. Banana Berry Beet Smoothie bowl

Some smoothies can be made in cups. This beautiful purple smoothie contains antioxidant-rich beets and raspberries, which purify blood and strengthen the immune system. It also boosts energy. This is a great breakfast bowl.

This smoothie is also easy to make. Then, you’ll put everything in a blender – beets and flax seeds along with raspberries, almond milk, lime juice and protein powder. You can add dried coconut, almond slivers, banana slices or anything else to your breakfast. Take a photo and share it on Instagram. This breakfast is stunning!

7. Spinach-Chickpea Nest with a Lemony Egg

This veggie-protein breakfast is ready in just five minutes, and it only requires one pan. Who doesn’t like easy cleanup? Start by sautéing two cups baby spinach. You’ll then add some lemon zest and some citrusy chickpeas to the pan while simultaneously smashing them. After it’s all cooked, form the spinach into a wreath and crack an egg in the center. Once your egg yolk is perfectly cooked, place the nest on a plate.

Start your day right

Here are just seven ways you can incorporate vegetables and protein in your breakfast. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is a great way to inspire you to make good choices throughout the day. Start your day early with a delicious, balanced diet.