15 Nourishing Vegetarian Salads That Will Tempt Your Taste Buds

Salads are my favorite at any time of year, but I especially love them in the summer. If I miss a salad, I feel as if I haven’t eaten properly. I do know that not everyone is like this. Many people believe that salads are only for rabbits, and many men are allergic to them. It seems that eating salads is not very “macho”. Although I speak from personal experience, I know that others do not share my opinion. I wish that more people understood that salads are not ‘rabbit-food’. They are not plain and leafy.

Salads can be healthy, but also satisfying and filling. Even vegetarian salads. They can be delicious, full of flavour and not at all boring. You can fill up on protein, which will keep you satisfied for a long time.

In my quest to change people’s minds about salads, in order to be able to do so I decided to share some of my favorite healthy and satisfying vegetarian salads that you can find on the internet. Here they are, in no particular order:

Salad of Roasted Aubergine with Saffron

This colorful Roasted Aubergine Saffron salad will impress your guests. This salad is ready in just 30 minutes, making it perfect for a barbecue, buffet or outdoor dining.

The Flexitarian site has the recipe.

Two Bean and Potato salad with Creamy Pesto

This vegetarian salad is full of textures and flavours, but it also contains a lot of protein. Imagine crispy roasted potatoes, crunchy green beans and fat butter beans. Not to mention roasted tomatoes and mozzarella pearls. This is not a boring salad with its wonderful ingredients!

Amuse Your Bouche Blog has the recipe.

Pearl Barley with Harissa Spiced roasted Vegetables & Feta

The first time I saw this pearl barley on the Captain Bobcat site, I knew I would have to make it myself. Roasted vegetables have a delicious flavour, and they make any salad taste better. I can’t wait to make this at home. I have already bought some pearl barley. Eva’s recipe can be found here.

Gluten-free buckwheat salad with mushrooms and rocket

This gluten-free recipe was inspired by Slovenian food. Buckwheat is the main ingredient of this salad, which is gluten-free by nature and is high in protein. To balance out the earthiness of the buckwheat, I used a variety vegetables. The result was a delicious and satisfying lunch that is perfect for work.

Here is the full recipe.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Puy Lentil Warm Salad

When I saw this recipe on Dale Pinnock’s website, I knew I had to share with you. This salad is made more delicious with butternut squash and feta. Although it’s perfect for winter, this can be enjoyed in any season.

Visit this page for a recipe.

Warm millet and avocado stuffed hummus

Chris James is an expert on health and wellness. He has created a warm salad that is vegan and gluten free. This salad contains many spices and herbs, as well as a variety of colorful vegetables. This salad would be a delicious dinner that is also nutritious.
This recipe can be found on my blog.

Brown lentil salad with roasted vegetables

A creation I made, inspired by the Healthy Food Guide Magazine. I love roasted vegetables and when combined with lentils, you can make a nutritious meal. The roasted sweet potato and carrots in this meal are high in beta-carotene, which is good for the eyes. Visit this page for the recipe.

Vegan Hummus with Kidney Beans, Jalapeno Salad

This vegan salad by Vicki (Honest Mum), has a great combination of flavors and textures. This salad is easy to prepare and won’t make you hungry. It’s great for lunch. Click here for the recipe.

Roasted Squash, Quinoa, Avocado and Feta Salad

This gluten-free Roasted Squash with Quinoa Avocado and Feta salad by Eb has a lot of healthy and delicious ingredients. It is great for a quick lunch at work. You can add a handful toasted pumpkin seeds or pine nuts to the salad for a crunchy, nutritious touch. On the Easy Peasy Foodie site, you can find the full recipe.

Mediterranean Potato Salad

Anna Olson’s Fresh on Food Network inspired this potato salad by Dannii, (Hungry Healthy Happiness). It contains the best Mediterranean flavours: olives sundried tomato, lemon juice, Feta, and tons of herbs. Follow this recipe to make it yourself.

New Potato Salad With Asparagus And Peas

Madeleine Shaw has created another potato salad. Madeleine re-imagined a classic potato dish by adding asparagus and peas. The dressing is tangy and goes well with potato and asparagus. Sundried tomatoes add a little extra flavour.

Here is the full recipe.

Chickpea & Aubergine Salad

Taken from Amelia Freer Cook’s book. Nourish. This Chickpea and Aubergine salad is perfect for work. It’s easy to make. Chickpeas contain iron, fibre and protein. This salad is great for vegetarians. This salad can also be made vegan.

Here is the recipe for this delicious salad.

Herby Quinoa Salad With Broad Beans And Pomegranate seeds

Another of my creations is Herby Quinoa Salad. This is the best salad I have ever made. This salad is so tasty and nutritious. I added pomegranate and sweet parsley seeds to give it a fresh taste. This whole combination is incredible. I sprinkled pine nuts over the top to give it a little extra crunch. It’s delicious!

You can find the recipe here on my blog.

Salad of Quinoa & Roasted Veggies with Tahini Garlic dressing

This salad is so colorful and delicious! It is rich in plant-based proteins and very satisfying. Kale is added to make it even healthier. Visit this page to get the recipe.

Avocado and Crunchy Egg Salad

This is the perfect dinner if you are looking for something quick and healthy. Avocado and crunchy egg salad. It’s easy to make and filling, thanks to the high protein content of the eggs. Add some feta to the top for extra flavour and protein.

Here is the full recipe.

What do you think about these tasty and filling salads for vegetarians? You converted? Is it possible that someone could say now, salads are “rabbit food”? If I were to say that, I’d be a little annoyed.